Welcome to the #YouToo? survey

Thank you for accepting our invitation to participate in the #YouToo? survey.
Want to know more about the survey before you participate?
  • Read the invitation letter again
  • The letter is available for download in French and Dutch.

  • About the content of the questionnaire
  • The questions are about your opinion about how people should interact with each other and about your experiences. The themes covered are the street, your work, the media, home, your relationship, appearance and sexuality. At the end there is also a section on reporting violence to the police.

    Please take your time to answer the questions correctly. The more you fill in, the more useful it is, but you can skip parts if you find it getting too long.

  • About the Institute for the equality of women and men
  • The Institute for the equality of women and men (IGVM-IEFH) is an independent federal government agency whose mission is to promote equality between women and men and to combat all forms of discrimination and inequality based on sex.

    The Institute may arrange for studies to be conducted to this end.

    Victims of discrimination on the grounds of gender, gender identity or gender expression, pregnancy, maternity or childbirth can contact the Institute for advice, support and complaints handling.

    Contact details: or +32 (0)2 233 44 00
    For questions about this survey, please contact: Hildegard Van Hove via or +32 2 235 54 00

  • About your privacy
  • By participating in this survey, you are making an important contribution to this study on sexism in Belgium.

    Your privacy is protected. The data is only processed anonymously.

    Data collection is carried out by M.A.S., Market Analysis & Synthesis. The login used to register your answers serves only a technical function and will be deleted afterwards. Data about your email address or IP address will be destroyed after completion of the study.

    M.A.S. collects the completed surveys via a protected website. Data is encrypted and protected against hackers. The data is stored on M.A.S.'s own secure servers.

    The address details of people who received a letter are only known to the Belgian National Register. This information is never passed on to M.A.S. or the Institute for the Equality of Women and Men (IGVM-IEFH).

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is strictly followed when collecting the data.

    As the data is processed strictly anonymously, it is not possible to reread or revoke your answers afterwards.

  • What happens to your answers
  • Your answers are processed anonymously and analysed together with the answers of other people. The results of the study will be published and used to support the policy in Belgium.

  • About the vouchers
  • A total of ten 100 euro vouchers will be raffled among the people who received a letter of invitation from us and took part in the survey.

    These are Sodexo gift vouchers that can be redeemed at many retailers in Belgium.

Completing the whole questionnaire takes approximately 30 minutes.
Many thanks in advance for participating!
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